Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Things..." episode 026.

O26: DVD-R of choice.

When you're making home-grown video DVDs, you have to choose between two formats and several brands of recordable media.

The format decision, whether to use DVD-R ("DVD dash R") or DVD+R ("DVD plus R"), is easy: DVD-R all the way, as that format has been around longer and is, therefore, compatible with more older DVD players. Do note, though, that some (usually really old) DVD players can't play back any recordable media.

As for which brand of DVD-R, I've had the most luck with Verbatim discs. Compared to other brands, I've found them less prone to errors during the recording process and more compatible with various makes and models of set-top DVD players. And I know Jimbo agrees with me on this one, so that's two votes for Verbatim.

(In a pinch, Maxell DVD-Rs are my second choice.)


Clint said...

Good stuff on your blog. Very informative. I've used the Sony DVD-Rs in the past with good results. Do you have a preference on speed - 8x vs. 16x or does it just depend on the burner?

Chance Shirley said...

Thanks, Clint.

Burn speed rating of the DVD depends to some degree on the device. My old G4's built in "SuperDrive" required a firmware upgrade before it could deal with discs rated faster than 2x.

The Verbatim blanks I'm using now are rated at 16x, and they seem to work fine with both my old SuperDrive and more modern LaCie FireWire external DVD recorder.